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Joseph Finder
Nick Heller, investigator, has been asked to find the daughter of a multi-millionaire. The people her father is involved with have kidnapped Alexa and buried her in a casket ten feet under the ground. The father has not been truthful, the FBI have their own agenda, but despite handicaps, Nick does everything to find the missing girl.
Whisper to Me
Nick Lake
I really tried to like this book.

The style was experimentally arranged, with there being no chapter breaks for a full 500 pages. There was no clear start or end to a part of the book, there was no clear plotline. The narrator kept correcting herself or going on useless tangents that had nothing to do with the plotline. [She even mentions that to herself a few times] The plot itself is all over the place and the story leaves multiple storylines unfinished.

Cass, the narrator, attempts to be written to be relatable but overall is hard to like. She has a mental illness where she hears a voice, one that interrupts constantly and quite frankly annoyed me the entire story. I understand the attempt of the author, however, I believe that he falls short of accomplishing what he planned on. She was unlikeable as well, where numerous of her actions I literally wanted to shake her to understand what the hell she was actually thinking. The poor boy that is her love interest deserves nothing that happens in this book.

I wish the author would have picked a clear plotline and developed it well, instead of trying to shove multiple storylines with no consistency.