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Important Messages
The more you read, the more chances you have to win! Everyone receives an a ticket to the Books and Brew Happy Hour, you will receive an email invitation with sign up.

Each completed review will be placed in a drawing for prizes awarded at our End of Summer Party on July 31 at the Stone Company Store in Oceanside. Every three books you read, regardless of review, you get a Reading Incentive!

All reviews will also be eligible for a chance to win the GRAND prize, a new Kindle Fire Tablet! You are also entered in the opportunity drawing for the Kindle when you attend library events!

The Compound Effect
Darren Hardy
A book that sparks a fire in you to look at what you ave become and how you got to be where you are in life and whether or not changes need to be made. If changes need to be made, this book prompts you on how to change and why you might want to.
31 Days of Praise
Ruth and Warren Myers
This was a good book and is a good book if you are feeling stressed out about your life. It helped me put things into perspective. Life for me is just the beginning of a long journey. Faith has helped me through so much and praising God has helped me so much. People always say, "How can a Good God allow evil or pain or sorrow?" I say if we did not have a Good God there would always be evil, pain, or sorrow". Anything good comes from God. Health, wealth, finding your soul mate, etc. There would be all evil without God but with God you can Praise him in good and bad times knowing it will all be GOOD someday!