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The more you read, the more chances you have to win! Everyone receives an a ticket to the Books and Brew Happy Hour, you will receive an email invitation with sign up.

Each completed review will be placed in a drawing for prizes awarded at our End of Summer Party on July 31 at the Stone Company Store in Oceanside. Every three books you read, regardless of review, you get a Reading Incentive!

All reviews will also be eligible for a chance to win the GRAND prize, a new Kindle Fire Tablet! You are also entered in the opportunity drawing for the Kindle when you attend library events!

Straight Man
Richard Russo
Not his best book but enjoyable none the less. It takes place on a college campus with the events mainly involving the professors. There is one interesting student who plays a minor role.The characters and their interactions are funny, sad, depressing, and uplifting.It's a roller-coaster ride leaving you to wonder "What's next?".
Picnic In Provence
Elizabeth Bard
In book two of Elizabeth Bards life her and her husband are married and have a baby boy. They keep their Paris apartment but buy a place in the country where they meet a lot of new friends and live in a small village. Elizabeth is candid how her husband and son really bond but her and her son not so much. She starts cooking with her son and spending more on one on with him. Eventually they open up an ice cream shop in the village and they are very happy. I like hearing about life in France and how things are done in other countries. Elizabeth's first book was very successful so she wrote this follow up book.