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Eating in The Light of the Moon
Anita Johnston,PH.D.
This book has traditional folktales and myths from around the world used to explain what it is like to be a woman and how we women starve ourselves, eat and throw up or compulsively overeat because we have not accepted our powerful feminine side or learned who we really are.Journals are helpful in healing yourself and your struggle with food. I like the story about a knight who really wronged a woman. The woman got to decide his punishment. She gave him a year to solve this riddle,"What is it a woman desires most?" If the knight could not solve it he would be killed. Some women said love,peace,health.The mans year was almost up when he met an ugly creature who promised to give him the answer if he would marry her. He promised and she said "What a woman desires most is sovereignty,the right to choose her own path". He went back to the King and was free and had to go marry the ugly creature who when he kissed her became beautiful. She said she was under a spell and the kiss broke it but he had a choice. She could be ugly by day and beautiful by night or ugly by night and beautiful by day. The knight let her choose and she chose to be beautiful by day and night and he broke the second part of the curse by letting her choose. I liked other stories as well.
Changing Normal
Marilu Henner and Michael Brown
Marilu and Michael met in college and both had interesting lives and marriages before they met again some twenty years later. They moved along real quickly in their new relationship even when Michael was diagnosed first with bladder cancer and then lung cancer. Thanks to Marilu who makes healthy food, colonics, skin scrubs, exercise, Vitamins, etc. a big part of her life she got the love of her life Michael to change his normal unhealthy lifestyle of eating red meat, dairy, smoking, etc. to her healthy lifestyle. She helped him to be cancer free for more than twelve years now. Twelve years of glorious health. Like Marilu says in the book Eating healthy is hard, Not eating healthy is hard so pick your hard! Marilu also says,"Love Food that Loves You".