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Important Messages
Anime & Manga Club extended till December 2014!! Keep reading to get more prizes!

Join us for to watch Spirited Away.

Wednesday August 13th, 3 pm
at the Civic Center Library

Friday, August 15th, 3 pm
at the Mission Branch Library

Don't forget to sign up for the Teen Summer Reading to get more prizes!!

See you soon!!

black butler vol.1
yana toboso
Aishiteruze Baby Volume 1
Yoko Maki
A boy name Kippei Katakura who is kinda a playboy starts taking care of this little girl Yuzuyu because her mom disappeared. And then he starts to like Yuzuyu. he makes a bento for Yuzuyu's lunch because she misses her mom making her bento's. And later one of Kippei's stalkers starts to pick on Yuzuyu. and Kokoro tells Kippei the stalkers name is Kyoko Onda, Kippei goes and talks to this girl he tells her to leave Yuzuyu alone. at the end it shows Kippei and Yuzuyu asleep together and Kippei's older sister gets a letter from Miyako Sakashita which is Yuzuyu's mom!