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Summer Reading Game
   KIDS 2014   
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How to Play
1. Sign up on this website, from home or your neighborhood library.

2. Choose whatever you want to read and start reading.

3. Read or listen as someone reads aloud to you.

4. Put one sticker in your reading log (or online) for every day you read or are read to.

5. Write short book reviews online to share with friends if you like.

6. Pick up your coupon prize packet after 10 days of reading.

7. Choose your free book and get a badge and a raffle ticket when you complete the 20-day reading challenge.

8. Get an extra raffle ticket for reading 30 days, 40 days, and 50 days.

Volunteers and staff

39 Clues: In Too Deep
Jude Watson
This book had lots of danger and adventure. I enjoyed that there was traveling in the story.
Recommended to
Recommended for someone who like to travel.