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Summer Reading Game
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How to Play
1. Sign up on this website, from home or your neighborhood library.

2. Choose whatever you’d like to read, and start reading! Open to all kids from birth to 17. Parents and older children may read to children who aren't reading yet.

3. Track your progress online and add optional book reviews to share with friends. For every one picture book OR fifteen minutes that you read, add an online sticker or put one in your reading log.

4. When you’ve earned 16 stickers, get a prize at the library!

5. When you’ve earned 32 stickers, come choose your free book, pick up your prize packet, and be entered into the raffle for even more goodies!

6. Earn another chance at the raffle for every additional log you complete! Grand prize for children age 0-4 is a one year family membership to Children's Fairyland! Grand prize for children age 5-14 is ...an iPad!

7. Program starts on June 15 and ends on August 10. Record all hours read by August 10!

Volunteers and staff

Look me up!
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
J. K. Rowling
I really like this book. It is about Harry Potter, who is a young wizard. In this book, Harry has to compete in the Triwizard Tournament even though he didn't volunteer for it. It is very exciting and I never want to stop reading it.   Look me up!
Recommended to
Pretty much everybody!